Sapphire Vintage Pool Table


The Sapphire Vintage features ornate body and leg designs reminiscent of classic indoor pool tables.

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The hardwood rails are bolted directly into the 1 pc 3/4″ slate.
Covered with high grade English cloth available in a variety of colours.
The English bag nets have pocket protectors that are hand stitched onto solid chrome brackets.
This professional looking table is a perfect addition to any classy entertainment room.

Features :

  • 1pc 3/4″ Brazilian Slate Top : 7ft (7 x 3.6′) or 8ft (8 x 4′)
  • Timber Hardwood : Gloss Teak or Gloss Walnut
  • FSN Directional Cloth : Blue, Green or Burgundy Felt
  • Sturdy 6 leg support frame
  • Chrome Corner Brackets

Comes With :

  • 2 x 2pc Pool Cue Sticks
  • 1 x Pool Balls Set
  • 1 x Triangle
  • 2 x Chalk

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