Microboy Arcade Machine


Product Description

The Microboy Arcade Machine contains all the games and features of a full size machine, but built into a small body.
Perfect if you don’t have space for a full size machine.  It’s also light enough that you can move it when not playing it.

Best of all it features the Arcade Blaster so you’ll have access to 6500 games.
These are the original classic games just like you remember!



  • 19″ LCD Monitor
  • Compact cabinet
  • 6500 games
  • 2 players with 6 buttons each
  • Speakers
  • Coin mechanism (not connected)
  • Free credit button
  • Easy to access control panel
  • Fully lockable cabinet with 2 keys
  • 12 Months back to base warranty

Multi Arcade / Console Games Available:

  • 2240 x Original Arcade Games
  • 1100 x Gameboy Advance Games
  • 814 x Nintendo Entertainment System Games
  • 990 x Super Nintendo Games
  • 356 x Sega Game Gear Games
  • 247 x Sega Master System Games
  • 270 x Sega Megadrive Games
  • 533 x Atari 2600 Games
Product Dimensions: 580w x 457l x 755h (mm)
Carton Dimensions: 580w x 470l x 780h (mm)
Weight: 25kgs
Power: 240V AC

PDF Games List here