Arcade Blaster 6550 in 1 Arcade PCB (Cocktail)


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Product Description

The Arcade Blaster is the latest PCB on the market.
This model features a whopping 6500 games and will slot straight into your JAMMA arcade machine.

Reliability ensured by using all solid state components.
Perfect for building a home arcade machine.  This PCB takes away the tricky part!

This cocktail version includes screen flipping for early 80’s games.  Suitable only for Cocktail cabinets.  See ‘Requirements’ for more information


  • User Friendly Game Selection Screen
  • JAMMA Compatible
  • High Score Saving
  • HDMI Output
  • VGA Compatible (adapter supplied)
  • Power Adapter supplied (5V DC micro USB)
  • Suitable for cabinets with horizontal monitors
  • Multi Console Gaming
  • Volume Adjustment Control

Multi Arcade / Console Games Available:

  • 2238 x Original Arcade Games
  • 1100 x Gameboy Advance Games
  • 814 x Nintendo Entertainment System Games
  • 990 x Super Nintendo Games
  • 356 x Sega Game Gear Games
  • 247 x Sega Master System Games
  • 270 x Sega Megadrive Games
  • 533 x Atari 2600 Games