Harley Davidson and LA Riders


Product Description

The iconic American motorcycle brand finally blazes through the virtual world of video games with Sega’s Harley-Davidson & L.A. Riders

Experience what it is like to rumble through the streets of Los Angeles – without the headache of a traffic jam and on a real ‘Hog’. Sega’s Model 3 hardware generates the 3D graphics while players take short cuts, side streets, and detours in the ‘open world’ style driving game. Checkpoints are randomly generated with each game, allowing for a unique style of exploration around town. Collect tokens for bonus points, the most valuable of which are hidden in hard-to-reach areas. 2 rip roaring speakers growl with the authentic Harley engine sound while selectable groovy tunes complete the sensation. A turn of the handle bars will lean the bike in various directions, offering an exciting Harley simulation!

Game Video Preview:


Space required: 220 x 230cm

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