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At the moment our Ultra Edition systems can support a single gun for arcade shooters like Point Blank, Aliens, Big Buck Hunter etc.

This is a great achievement as we’ve been working on this for a while.

A common question presented to us is “Can we have 2 guns?”

The short answer to that is “yeh, sort of, no, yes, maybe”

Allow me to explain…

When a gun is attached to a machine it’s assigned a device number. This number is very important to the gun and is the number we use when we program the configuration for that gun. The problem occurs when a gun is unplugged and re-plugged. Sometimes the device number will change which means the gun will no longer work.

We can program 1 gun without any problem at all. We just configure the program to look for all the different device numbers. So it works every time.

This method does not work for 2 guns because there will be a conflict of device configuration which is bad.

When we build machines an extremely high priority for us (besides it being fun) is that it’s also future proofed. This means that if you decide to upgrade a machine with us, or service it, or one day have to repair it, that we will be able to support you. So it’s important for us that all the machines have the same configuration files. If your configuration is different that makes your machine unique which may lead to problems in the future.

If we were building these machines as a hobby in our back yard and didn’t care too much about this fact, then we’d do it for sure. It’s an awesome feature to have 2 guns. For us, it’s a business and we’re aiming to be here for the long haul which means if you need help we’re going to be here.

We believe that having a stable system which is future proofed out weighs the awesomeness of 2 guns.

In the past we have offered 2 guns for particular customers. These customers are extremely tech savvy. Understand the situation and are also able to configure the guns themselves if they need to.

We’re happy to bounce ideas back and forward if you have any.

We’re always keen to know customers’ thoughts.


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